Accessorizing Shift Dress

Shift Dress is considered to be a very comfortable and versatile option. A short sleeveless dress that hangs straight down the shoulder in a straight line, it creates a nice skim line along the body and doesn’t cling. Because of its flexible design, it can be paired with different accessories which can give you a fresh new look. The right accessories can convert this dress from a formal meeting dress to a fun party one.  Some ways to accessorise shift dresses include:

Ø    Tights: They are extremely popular in the winter season and if paired properly with shift dress brings forward an impressive style. If going for a meeting or for a more office friendly or business appropriate look, leg slimming black tights with the dress is the way to go.

Ø    Footwear: Usually, shift dresses are paired with a heel that gives you an edgier look. Women also prefer sandals that tone down the glamour of clothes and gives a more restrained and laid-back look. Ankle boots are also a good way to give a more elegant look to your dress. Wholesale Shift Dress are available that can be paired with many different types of footwear.

Jewellery: Wooden bangles are a great way for bringing flavor to the dress. Paring clunky jewellery is also a good way of add grace to Shift Dress and is used as party wear. Wholesale Shift Dress can be brought online which are very popular among women.
Extra wear: Another way to pair Shift dress is to add another layer of cloth to the dress, including scarf or cardigan. A cardigan gives a great feminine look and suits fine as formal wear. Blazers in solid colours can also be worn that gives a professional look.

Its flattering and neat look has made it possible to wear shift dress in all season and has made it a popular choice among different age groups. Wholesale Shift Dresses in UK are available in range of colours, designs and fabrics.