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1960s Fashion

There is something about the 1960’s. Sure, it was a time of liberation; there was the pill, which enabled women to have sexual freedom, and there was the music of course. Everyone was singing about love and freedom. Money was plentiful, the economy was doing well, jobs were easy to come by. The future looked rosy and the fashions were fabulous.

Skirts were short, often very short! Hot pants were fashionable by the end of the 1960’s but the enduring look of the sixties were short skirts and dresses, often with super-cute peter pan collars, and hair styles were high with bouffant hair reaching unprecedented levels. Everyone was back-combing their locks as much as they could, spraying their hair to make it stick, and going out on the town.

Every now and then, there is a 1960’s revival, and those same styles come back. For many people they are a welcome sign of economic buoyancy. It’s one of those strange facts that when the economy is doing better, skirts get shorter. When it is a time of recession, skirts get longer. So when the wholesalers start to reflect the trend for short skirts, then the feeling is that there is a time of affluence.

So, what to think about when fashions reflect 1960’s styles?

If you don’t like your legs and want them covered up, you are at a disadvantage when it comes to 1960’s fashions. But do not despair. You can embrace 1960’s fashion by back-combing your hair, wearing a neckline that was in style at the time, such as a peter pan collar or a wide open neckline, showing off your clavicle, the bones under the neck. If you have short hair and want to look 1960’s follow fashion model Twiggy’s lead, with a short pixie cut.

Fashions in the 1960’s didn’t include low necklines, but rather scoop neck, wide neck or, if you want to go for an extremely short skirt, a demure peter pan neckline. This combined with an A-line dress would have been a big fashion yes. You can see similar styles when you check our wholesalers such as Stylewise Wholesalers. They stock an exciting range of styles which include 60’s inspired fashion.

We can’t talk about 1960’s fashion without mentioning the colours that were worn at that time. The price of fabric dropped as fabrics with nylon in them became readily available and with that colour flexibility increased. Because the fabrics were colour-fast, there was no restriction on which colours could be easily produced. So fashion welcomed all colours, the brighter the better. Psychedelic patterns were all the rage and block colours in wildly bright colours were fashionable too. Teaming black and yellow was a risk before nylon fabrics came about – with natural fabrics the colours could run too easily. But colour-fast fabrics meant that anyone could wear any colour and so they did!

The 1960’s was a time when fashion icons really came into their own. Jackie Kennedy, the First Lady, became a fashion icon and women everywhere followed her style. Boxy jackets and pencil skirts with back-combed hair made a real statement. Round necklines were very much in and v’s definitely out.

Shoes were important in the 1960’s – the stilettos of the fifties were out and kitten heels were in – little cute heels that women could walk in more easily. Of course, flat heels were also fashionable, again, this made it easier for women to move about, and since they were getting jobs, entering the workplace, which involved travelling more and being out of the house more, all important steps towards emancipation.

If you want to reflect the 1960’s revival with your wholesale choices then why not visit to check out their range of styles to suit your customers.

Crochet Pantsuits

When you want something that is completely in style and really attractive then you could look no further than a crochet pantsuit.

Obviously you need to be slender to wear this sort of garment. There is nothing at all attractive about flesh popping through the holes of a crochet pantsuit. But if you are a slim, small busted woman that wants to make sure she gets her share of attention, then a crochet pantsuit is just the thing that will get you the attention you deserve.

Another important thing about wearing a pantsuit, you will need to have good legs. Really this sort of garment demands that you are slim, although you don’t necessarily need to be tall. In fact, a pantsuit has the effect of making you look taller and elegant.

You can get crochet pantsuit in many different styles of leg. Wide legs are good for proportioning hips, so if you are slender but you feel your hips are larger than perhaps they should be, then you might find the flared leg has a balancing effect.

If you are not worried about any part of your body then you could go for a narrow leg pantsuit. Unless your pantsuit is lined, then you must remember that a crochet pantsuit is see-through. So be sure to wear adequate underwear! If you are wearing a light coloured unlined crochet pantsuit you might want to wear skin coloured body suit underneath.

If you want to be really revealing then you could wear a pantsuit that is crocheted with nothing underneath. Probably this would be better worn at home for your partner rather than out and about.

It’s a weird thing though with men and dressing up. When you dress up for a guy, it no longer seems to matter if you are in clothes that would ordinarily look great or not. Just the fact that you have bothered to dress up for them seems to be enough. So if you fancy a crochet pantsuit for your partners benefit, then you don’t have to be slender at all. It is one of the oddities of life.

One thing you will need to wear a garment like this is confidence! There is no point in wearing it if you are not 100 percent confident about your body. It seems most of us are not that body confident so first of all if you are then congratulations!

If you are a retailer that wants to include crochet pantsuit as part of your range, then you will need to be targeting younger women who can wear this sort of thing. These are best to be bought is size 6, size 8 and size 10, perhaps with a few higher sizes.

You can get these in a range of colours, cream is popular, and of course you can never go wrong with black. Buy body stockings in the same colours which will be popular to go underneath. Bold statement jewellery is important for clothes like these, so stocking some will surely be a good plan.

It’s very important to get to a good wholesaler that provides top quality clothing, such as Stylewise Wholesalers, when you are considering a crochet pantsuit, since these are clothes worn by confident women who will have no trouble coming back to you if there is something wrong. With the internet being powerful you don’t want to get negative reviews!

Shoes that go with a crochet pantsuit include flat heels for narrow legged pantsuits and high heels for wide leg pantsuits, so keep that in mind when you are choosing which clothes to stock. When you can provide everything a woman needs to go towards the perfect outfit then you will keep them coming back time after time.

Wholesale Plain Leggings

Some products come along and then just never go away again, and leggings are one of those things. Leggings are elasticated lycra trousers that fit right next to the skin. Because they have lycra they stretch with the bodies movement, they are very comfortable. Originally worn by dancers and athletes, they allow full movement and do not restrict the body in any way.

So, why would anyone wear them? Who likes leggings? The answer is in fact most women can wear leggings and look great. If you are slim then wear leggings with anything you like – women wear them with crop tops for jogging and running. They look great with most tops, even blouse type tops with pulled in hemlines.

If you are a plus size woman, don’t turn your nose up at leggings. Wear them with a long t-shirt, something that covers up your bum and thighs. You can wear black leggings which look slimming on bigger women, and then team it with a bright top. That’s a good look for women with pear shaped figures.

If you are more of an apple shape, make sure you don’t have a t shirt that pulls on your tummy. Nothing looks worse than women wearing too tight leggings and a tight t-shirt, you can see the waistband of your leggings and that horrible muffin-top look, with tummy on the top and bottom of the leggings. But if you want to look glamorous, then you can wear a glitzy top and plain coloured leggings and add some snazzy shoes. That look will make you look really pretty and keep you comfortable. You can dance all night long and not worry about your clothes.

If you are a plus size woman then make sure you wear leggings that fit you. Over tight leggings which pull tight on your thighs tend to make the fabric thinner and thinner, which ends up with your leggings being pretty much see-through. This is a very unattractive look!

Cellulite can be an issue with tight leggings, if you don’t want to show off your cellulite then make sure your leggings are the right size for you.

Why would a retailer want leggings? Because they are really popular, comfortable and they wash and wear well. Women want to wear them, so if you stock a good variety of them then you will get the sales. Make sure you get a good range of sizes, as women of all shapes and sizes want them.

Plain leggings are always a good investment, particularly black. While all colours can be worn, black will always be the favourite. Patterned leggings have drawbacks in that once you have worn them, then everyone has seen them and they cannot really be worn over and over like plain leggings can be.

Buy wholesale plain leggings because women will. Women rarely buy leggings in ones, mostly they buy multiples. Another reason to stock them! Rarely do you find clothes that women wear out – but we all wear leggings until they get holes in. Then we buy more. It’s a retailers dream come true…constantly replaceable styles!

When buying wholesale plain leggings get the best quality you can, because women will come back to buy from you again and again. That kind of trust can be bought no other way, it only comes when you provide top quality for your customers.

Wide range of colours, good quality garments, and you will have women queuing up to get their wardrobes filled from you when you include plain leggings. Make sure you use a great wholesale supplier such as Stylewise.

Essential Factors to Consider when buying T-shirts

When the sun comes out and the weather is good, we all want to look good and remain cool. One way to do that is to wear a t shirt. But what sort of t shirt should you pick? Which t shirts are on trend? Which are the best t shirts you can buy?

T shirts are a great item of clothing and are very useful and wearable. This is because they are such a simple, universal shape that anyone can wear them. Look around you and you will see people of all ages and sizes wearing t shirts, they truly have a universal appeal.

T shirts can be plain or patterned, they can be worn in very casual ways but can be smartened up with the right accessories. T shirts can be of tight fitting, feminine styling; usually with a scooped hemline that fits just under the tummy. Or they can be the more traditional square shape. For plus size women you will find T shirts have a slightly longer hem at the front compared to the back, and this allows for a softer, rounder tummy.

T shirts can have a round neck, or a v neck. Larger sizes are more popular in a v neck shape since that is generally more flattering for a larger woman.

A plain white t shirt is the Saviour of many a wardrobe calamity. A white t shirt can be worn under a jacket for a relaxed professional look at work. Figure hugging jeans and a white t shirt can be worn for any casual event. Change the jeans for black smart trousers, and you will see that a plain white t shirt can look great even for the office when teamed with a black jacket. One important thing to remember is that very often white t shirts are a little see-through – remember to wear a white bra underneath.

Another great thing about t shirts it the way they can so easily be personalised. You can dye t shirts very easily to change their colour – many people like tie-dyed clothing which is easy to do with t-shirts. You can add sparkle with diamante beads and use this to accent parts of your body you like. T shirt dresses look great with beads or sequins on the hemline, particularly if you have good legs.
Or accent the bust line with detailing in that area. If you love your neck then adding detail to the neckline will draw attention there.

You aren’t limited to adding beads, sparkling or otherwise. You can design your own t shirts and have them printed, or you can buy t shirts and add motives of your own.

While plain t shirts do mean you can style them however you want, even patterned t shirts can be embellished. Add beading to a pattern on the same shape as it repeats throughout the garment. Add tassels for an interesting hemline. Really, the only limit is your imagination.

You don’t have to get creative to have a great t shirt though. You can buy t shirts of every shade under the sun, every design possible. By keeping an eye on the fashion catwalks you can see which colours are on trend in any particular season, and you can buy t shirts in that colour.

If you are buying to stock your shop or store then you will need to pay attention to the trends that people want and the same goes for t shirts as any other garment. T shirts are so easy to wear, so versatile that you will always find a buyer for a well made t shirt. So be sure to stock up and be confident that you can ride the trend and give your customers the t shirts they really want.

Whole Sale Party Tops

People love to celebrate and one way we all love to do so is to party. Of course, every party needs new clothes and one thing people like to do is buy party tops. Women everywhere will look for party tops not just in the Christmas season but all year round. A bit of sparkle is always fun, and since parties go on all year round, it is a good idea to buy wholesale party tops.

The first thing we think of in a party top is sparkle. Some women are happy to wear as much as they can get on a top, but others of us like to be a bit more discreet. Of course, it is important to have a variety of sparkly tops that immediately grab the attention of the buyer.

When you go looking for party tops, keep in mind the fashion colours of the moment. Any colour can be used for a party top but black will always be a favourite. Black tops with any sort of detailing, whether it is same colour beading that just catches the light to full on large diamante, will always be a popular choice for a party top.

Often women want a party top because they don’t feel the occasion warrants a new dress – just buying a party top is a way to get the glamour without spending as much money. Often they are going to be teamed with a plain coloured skirt or trousers, so if you buy party tops with patterns on them it won’t be a problem. No-one wants to wear two patterns together, it never looks good, so feel confident in stocking patterned party tops, knowing women will buy them.

Sleeve detailing is a strong trend at the moment, the so called “cold-shoulder” look is everywhere so take advantage where you see this. Split sleeves are a more enduring look which is similar, but if you are preparing to stock these you can buy better quality garments since split sleeves can be worn many times, but once the wave of “cold shoulder” party tops is over, you won’t be able to sell them.

Party tops can be shimmery, have tassels or be generally a little more over-the-top than run of the mill tops. Women will always want them so they are a useful thing to have in stock. In these economic times though, women want something they can wear again so make sure your more expensive items are the classic lines. Women don’t mind paying more for something they will get more than one use from.

Party tops are also there to make women feel happy, pretty and glamorous. Check out the catwalks and see what women are wearing and then look at the people on the street, and see what they are wearing to clubs and parties. An evening drive in the city centre will show you what you need to know, young women walking about in their evening wear shows what they want to wear for a night out. This will give you ideas when you go to the wholesalers.

Don’t forget to ask your relatives too, particularly the younger ones who will have their finger on the pulse as to what is fashionable or not. Party tops, as with everything else, will have some short term trends which you can ride for a quick profit, as well as long term classics that women will return to again and again.

You know the buying rules, lots of variety, v necks for plus sizes, lots of women want to cover their bottoms so make sure there are some longer line party tops. Just visit your local wholesalers for great ideas on which wholesale party tops are right for your store.

Wholesale Jackets and Cardigans

There is nothing so easy to wear than a good cardigan or jacket. Jackets particularly can lift an outfit from the mundane to the exciting. From casual to smart, a jacket will take an outfit and turn it into something you could wear to a wedding or to the office.
When capsule wardrobes were all the thing, women would have clothes that would have multiple uses and a good jacket in a colour that matches meant that a dress could change from casual to smart in an instant. It still stands that a jacket can do that for an outfit. If you are invited out to a “do” and you don’t know what to wear, a light dress with a jacket thrown over the top means you smarten up quick and that might be the thing you need to fit in!

Of course, jackets needn’t be something to smarten things up. A leather jacket is a statement piece, shouting about independence, motorbikes, rock music and doing your own thing. Warm and comforting a leather jacket will fit to your body over time and come to be a reliable comfortable method of warmth along with stating your feelings about the world at large.

The warmth of a cardigan is something that we all love. Wrapping a beautiful draping cardigan round us against a chilly night is comforting as well as warming. Cardigans come in such varieties; short neat little cardigans that look sweet and dainty, long line cardigans that look elegant for autumn or winter wear. Thick chunky cardigans to really keep you warm against snowy icy weather and delicate shawl like cardigans that come in beautiful colours to highlight hair and eyes.

Edge to edge cardigans are a fabulous way to bring colour to an otherwise drab outfit. Depending on your skin tone of course, you might like to have a few edge to edge cardigans. One in a bold red, perhaps one in navy (if you wear navy, not everyone does) and of course one in black. That way, if you are ever in need of a bit of extra warmth and you want to still look smart then you can throw on an edge to edge cardigan and you will look great.

An elegant look are the very long cardigans that come down to the wearers feet or ankles. One of these cardigans look stunning, especially if you wear it in a glamorous colour like gold. If your skin tones go with autumn colours then these cardigans in gold look amazing.
If you are a retailer and want to cash in on the current trend for cardigans and jackets then you will be in need of a really good range. When women come to you to find their perfect cardigans then you will need to be able to offer them a wide variety of styles and colours. Of course, some women are not into cardigans, which is why it is vital that you have a range of jackets to show them. Women need clothes to keep them warm and to make them look classy. They are going to get them from somewhere and it may as well be from you!
If you are a retailer looking for a great selection of wholesale cardigans and jackets, then you will love the wide selection available at Stylewise Wholesale Fashions. Here you will find beautiful jackets and cardigans that you can be sure women who come to your store will love.

Any retailer looking to make some extra money this year will be keen to provide women what they want to buy. So get stocking up on the cardigans and jackets women will inevitably need!

Wholesale Printed Dresses

When we are looking for a dress we might already have accessories in mind, and this is never more the case when we are looking at printed dresses. A buyer who is looking at purchasing wholesale printed dresses could be overwhelmed at the choice available, it is so extensive. So how do we decide what print would be the best to get?

There are some rules and tips that go along with printed dresses that women everywhere know. For a start, what colour is the background of the dress? This is the colour that we are most likely to want to make work for us. We will probably already have shoes to match, and other accessories such as necklace, earrings and watch.

Black is a great background colour because nearly every woman has something to go with black, or in fact black shoes which will look great with a printed dress. Navy is a peculiar colour in some respects, it is similar to black but much less popular. Often you will notice sale items in navy, for some reason the fact that it isn’t as popular seems not to have filtered down to buyers. However, you quite often find older women buying navy items because black can be a harsh colour for older skin tones.

Wholesale printed dress purchasers would do well to remember that, and not buy navy background printed dresses unless they are targeting older women.

Then of course you have your print. Some types of print definitely have a shelf life and you will need to keep up with trends to see if the print you are considering is a la mode. Leopard skin prints are one of those that only certain people can wear. There are a group of women that wear it whether it is fashionable and trendy or not, but in the main, you won’t sell many leopard skin print dresses unless you have seen it on the catwalk or seen divas on television wearing it.

Flowery prints though are popular most of the time. You can always sell flowery print dresses, it is not necessarily a favourite with the younger crowd but definitely you will see 30 plus age range wearing flowery print dresses. Sometimes it’s nice to just wear something light and airy and pretty.

Printed dresses make a relaxed choice of garment. Particularly in summer, women going for a drink in the evening sunshine will wear a printed dress with sandals and matching accessories, perhaps a scarf in case the temperature drops, handbag and necklace.

Printed dresses are great for weddings. It avoids the formality of a two piece suit and you can still make a printed dress look smarter by adding a jacket. Of course, at a reception the jacket can be discarded for some dancing with friends of the groom. A printed dress can make a woman look very feminine, if that is what you are going for.

It’s vital when looking at wholesale printed dresses to consider which sort of person will be wearing them and what sort of occasion they will be worn to. During the summer months weddings will be important. During the winter printed dresses still have a role but certainly less so with women dressing more for warmth. Office wear could also include printed dresses depending on the standard of dress of the office involved. Certainly printed dresses are something it is hard to take offence to, since these are gentle ways of expressing ones femininity and are often not in styles that are too tight or short.

The fact that you don’t generally see printed dresses that are figure hugging and short is a recommendation to them as they are more likely to be seen at work up and down the UK.

Wholesale Party Dresses UK

What’s not to like about a party? And of course, each party requires a party dress. One of the worst things that can happen at a party is someone turning up in the same frock as yours! Particularly if they are rockin’ it better than you. So, it’s important to make your look as individual as you are.

Just in case the worse happens, it’s a good idea to make sure you are wearing statement jewelry. This will mean that your dress has a different look. The chances of someone wearing the same dress of you are pretty slim, but the chances of them teaming it with the same jewellery are infinitely less.

One way to avoid having someone turn up in the same party dress as you is to customise the dress. This is particularly easy if you are wearing a plain black dress. Add some small gold detail to the area you most want to highlight. Got good legs? Add some gold detailing to the hem. Good bust line? Add some detail to the neckline of the dress. Of course, it needn’t be gold, any colour would work, even black on black. Anything to make it just different enough to avoid that awful “same party dress” incident.

When wearing a party dress it is really important to make sure you check every view before you go out in it. I went to a wedding and the bride had clearly not taken this advice – I know, the bride! – and she had the worst visible pantie line ever! Get an honest friend to make sure that nothing is too see-through, or too short or anything you don’t want to show is showing.

If it is strapless, then remember to jump up and down to make sure you won’t fall out of it. Also check that you can lie down in it – you never know what can happen at a party! If you think there is any chance of you showing more than you wanted, get some “tit-tape”. This way you can tape yourself into your dress and dance the night away with confidence.

If you are a retailer that is looking for wholesale party dresses then take note of the concerns of women who are going to parties. At Christmas season, women go to lots of parties and therefore will need multiple dresses. Of course they don’t want to be seen in the same dress as anyone else, so make sure there are a wide range of accessories for them to choose from. If you sell shoes as well, make sure you have plenty of complimentary styles that go with the dresses you stock.

Wholesale party dresses are a great way to make money during the Christmas season but also don’t forget wedding season where particularly 20-somethings will want dresses that look different at different weddings. Party dresses with jackets can be a favourite and if you get them so they can be mixed and matched during summer this is more likely to be a hit. If you get a good reputation for having party dresses that are easy to wear and you have all the accessories that a woman wants, then you will be making money all year round from it.

So when you go out looking for wholesale party dresses, think about what women want from their dresses. Think about their worries and concerns, and think about styles that can address them. That way you will sell more dresses and you will become everyone’s favourite go to store to buy party dresses. Even if you party dresses are only part of the stock in your store, you will be able to attract more customers paying more for dresses all year round.

Wholesale Clothes

Clothes. Like them or not, everyone has to wear them. So they might as well be comfortable or colourful or warm or cool, to be whatever we need to cover us up and keep us at the right temperature for us. I guess clothes started off to be just practical, but very quickly people started to care what they looked like. That must have started thousands of years ago, but it is something that holds true today.

How do we know that people cared about clothes? Well, look at one of the most famous persons in history, Jesus Christ. When he died, the soldiers drew lots to see who would get his “outer garments” because they were made out of one piece of cloth. This was very desirable at the time. See, even two thousand years ago, people cared about what they wore.

In fact, if you go further back throughout history, you will discover that people cared about how they looked and what they looked like. People like good quality garments and they know this will make them feel good.

This is still true today. So if you are a clothes retailer, then you need to make sure you stock wholesale clothes that people will want to buy. Just stocking well made garments is not enough though.

These days people often want low priced clothes, but they want to them to be of reasonable quality. They want modern well designed clothes. They want clothes that will be fashionable, that will make them look and feel good. People want it all.

Much of it is about hope though. People hope they look good in the clothes they buy. They might want to attract someone of the opposite sex. They might want to attract someone of the same sex! They might want to say they are a go-getter, that they mean business, that they are will get things done. People rely on the right clothes to give over this message, so this is another use that people have for clothing.

If you are a retailer and you are looking to buy clothes then these are some of the things you need to keep in mind. Women often want clothes that are up-to-the-minute, fashionable and on-trend; so you will need to look for a wholesale clothing supplier like Stylewise Wholesale Clothing which offers you garments that really fit the bill.

Whether it is day dresses or evening dresses, pantsuits or jeans, you will find a range of modern clothes that women love to wear. With cutting edge designers who produce fascinating designs, and well made attractive clothing, you will find products that will fly out of your shops or off the websites.

Remember, people buy with emotion then justify with logic, so make sure you have lots of images of women living the dream, whether they are successful in love or making money, depending on the type of clothes you have available. Attractive women wearing the clothing you stock suggests to women they will look this good in the same clothes.

Keep yourself up to date with the styles that are coming in. Look at the fashion shows and keep abreast of new trends, otherwise you will make fashion mistakes that could cost you a great deal of money. Keeping yourself aware of trends means you will know what women want when it comes to fashion. That way you know that when the wholesaler offers you good stock that will sell, they are being honest. It makes sense that wholesalers want you to sell their stock in your shop, since that will mean you will be back to them for more of it!

Wholesale Summer Dresses

Whatever age and whatever size woman, there is something that we all love, and that is summer dresses. Dresses are great because they are so easy, just put on some underwear and pull on a dress, slip on some shoes and that’s you, ready to go.

Dresses cover a multitude of sins. If you are tall and slim then you can wear a shorter A line dress, which will accent your lean frame. If you are curvy and voluptuous, then why not try a dress with gathering under the bust line? This shape really flatters curves and makes a woman feel, well, womanly.

You can’t go far wrong with a simple shift dress, you can dress it up to look stylish and elegant or dress it down for the casual look. Skater dresses are great if you are happy with your legs. Not so happy with them? Try a skater dress with leggings. You still get the pretty feminine look that you love without revealing too much.

You can make the most of your assets in a casual dress. If you have a good bust line, then go for V neck that will show off your cleavage. If you love your legs wear a shorter casual dress. Proud of your arms? Try a dress with a halter neck!

If you have a good flat tummy, then try a casual look with a bare midriff – it is very on trend right now.
Summer dresses are great when the weather is hot – please weather, be hot – and you can keep yourself cool with a gorgeous dress. Dresses are so often related to the memories made with them, you will look at a dress and remember that brilliant summer day when you wore it with sunglasses and sandals and got a great tan. You will remember who you were with and what you were doing.

If you are a retailer looking for wholesale summer dresses, then you will need to take a look at Stylewise Wholesale Fashions for a great summer range.

Because summer casual dresses are so on trend you will need to get in a wide selection of colours. Remember not all skin tones suit all colours so get in as wide a variety as you can. Many women know what colours suit them and won’t wear any others. Maybe they have accessories to suit that particular colour or they have shoes to match; either way, you will need a selection.

When you are selling summer dresses, remember, you are not just selling clothes. You are selling a dream of hot summer days with fun and romance. You are selling dreams of holiday romances and looking a million dollars. You are looking at selling confidence and self-esteem in a highly critical world.

If you cater to a slightly older woman, they may want something convenient that they can just put on to run out of the door to take the kids to school or something they can wear to work but without too much fuss.
Many 30 plus women still want to dress young and look beautiful, as many of them do, so you can be sure that there will be some women out there who will enjoy your summer casual dresses.

Whichever styles and sizes you pick, remember that women want to have fun, look great but that everyone likes styles and products that are easy to wear, fun to accessorise and will make them the object of some confidence boosting positive admiration. So choose your colour range and style range with care. Often women will become customers for many years when they realise you have the styles that make them look and feel great.