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Carry on…wholesale

Making the move from a cash and carry approach to purchasing through an online fashion wholesaler.

Cash and carry is a popular way for many businesses to shop. They can purchase stock in high volumes with lower unit costs. However, it does come with its disadvantages and many business owners are now moving away from these traditional means and looking towards a more digital way of purchasing.

Online fashion wholesalers have become increasingly popular for a number of reasons which is why Stylewise Direct have taken their experience and knowledge of their physical cash and carry stores and made them available online for our customers. This means you get all the benefits of an offline wholesaler, online!

Payment methods:

With a cash and carry, the clue is in the name; cash. In today’s economic climate, not many businesses are able to readily obtain cash to invest in stock which may not sell straight away, especially if you are a small or a start-up business. With an online wholesaler such as Stylewise Direct, we accept credit and debit cards as well as PayPal, giving you more freedom to shop. So if you need to stock up on some fashion staples like our women’s jeans our payment methods make it easier for you and your business.

Time Saving:

When running a business, the last thing you have on your hands is time. So driving to a cash and carry, making your selections, queuing, paying, driving back and then unloading is extremely time consuming. Using an online fashion wholesaler means you can shop and pay without having to worry about wasting precious time getting to and from the wholesaler.

Ease of Use:

When shopping at a cash and carry, you are restricted to when you can shop by their opening hours. Online wholesalers are open 24/7. So if the only time you have to shop is at 10pm to get the new season of swimwear & beachwear, we are still open and you can shop at your leisure.


If you do not have a vehicle already, cash and carry shopping with require some mode of transport to bring back your purchases which can add to your expense. Many online wholesaler will offer free delivery on orders over certain amounts, for example at Stylewise Direct you we offer FREE delivery on orders over £400 so your customers can start shopping in your store for their perfect party dress straight away

At Stylewise Direct we are here to make running your business that little bit easier, so if you have any questions about purchasing wholesale items from our online store or setting up an account, please email us at

Why Purchasing Wholesale Dresses is a Good Option?

Women love to dress and look very stunning.  They love to beautify themselves by trying diverse styles of dresses, which make them look young and well-dressed. Export of wholesale dresses is made to all over the world and   it is an incomparable gateway through which a re-seller could provide an extensive range of ladies clothing items at discounted prices. The demand for fashionable dresses has increased on the market and both men and women prefer to buy dresses that look very appealing.

 Important Benefits of Buying wholesale dresses
Women are very particular in choosing their clothes these days and prefer to buy clothing that is in style and is practical for them to use. Buying clothing from wholesalers is anytime beneficial as it is sold at cheaper prices, and that is of great help to the retailers. The most imperative benefit retailers can gain from buying fashion clothing from wholesalers is that they can attract additional retail buyers as they acquire the clothing materials in big quantities.

The retailers can with no trouble turn out to be the sole distributor of diverse types of female wears in their region in this manner. The fashion clothing is obtainable in distinctive materials, colours as well in a variety of patterns.  Women can even purchase bridal wear from the wholesale buyers that are exclusive and offered at cost-effective prices. The bridal wear dresses are designed by connoisseurs that manufacture these fashionable wear according to the latest fashion trends. Women’s dresses are at the present, without any difficulty, available online and in retail stores with acceptable value as well as at reasonable prices.

The benefit of purchasing dresses from wholesale suppliers is that women can save some money and look different in the way they dress themselves. These dresses can be worn on special occasions and even to parties, and a woman can look special. The variety of dresses that is provided on online stores is numerous and there are many branded companies also that make available gorgeous dresses. The dresses are designed in an elegant manner and they make a woman feel great and look stylish in attires like evening gowns, as well as formal wear. The dresses can also be customised according to an individual’s desire and that counterpart the persona of the person. The best place where women can find the dress of their choice is for certain on online stores.