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Why Choose A Wholesale Clothing Supplier Outside of London?

Whether you are about to open your own clothing store or are struggling to keep up with the demand and ensuring that your inventory is full, you will likely be interested in ways you can fill your stock needs easily. If you are based in London, you may think the best option would be to stick to London based businesses.

In the following post, we are going to identify some reasons why it may be better to look beyond London wholesale clothing stores and consider a business like Stylewise Direct for all your clothing store inventory needs.

No Minimum Orders

One of the major problems with many clothing wholesalers (and wholesalers in general, for that matter) is the fact that they often require you to make a specific minimum order. This is obviously to ensure they make a decent amount of profit on each order. However, it is not so good if you are at a mid-point in a quarter and are just looking to replenish a small amount of stock and don’t want to end up with a huge surplus that you need to try and store away somewhere.

With a company like Stylewise Direct, based in Manchester, there is no minimum order value you need to worry about. If you only want to buy a few packs of leggings or a collection of t-shirts to replenish your stock, you can.

Fast and Affordable Delivery

Another major issue with some wholesalers is the delivery costs. With Stylewise Direct, this is not too much of an issue. The next day delivery price on all orders is £10 and as long as your order is placed before 12pm between Monday and Thursday, it will be despatched the same day for delivery on the next. If you spend more than £400, you even get free delivery.

All this and you don’t need to try and visit stores in London or pay heftier delivery charges that come with other businesses.

Variety To Choose From

Manchester is one place in the UK that is no stranger to culture and fashion, so it shouldn’t really come as a surprise that you can all the latest in styles and celebrity looks at Stylewise Direct. There’s no reason why you need to feel like you have to source the garments for your clothes store from a London-based business nowadays.

Regular Sales and Promotion

Like most businessowners, it’s likely that you will be looking to save money where you can on your stock. Fortunately, Stylewise Direct runs regular sales and special promotions. This means that you can increase the savings you are already making by buying in bulk, at different seasons throughout the year.

So, when you are next on the search for stock for your clothing store, whether its based online or offline, look no further than Stylewise Direct for fast delivery times, great customer service and you can avoid the prices and impracticality that often comes from shopping for London wholesale clothing.

Tips For Wearing T-Shirts With a Bit of Style

T-shirts are the ultimate in must-have item for anyone’s wardrobe. They are extremely comfortable, are perfect when you want to look low-key and informal, but also can also work when you are wanting to look your best. It also helps that they are minimum fuss – there’s no buttons, zips or tricky hook-and-eye closures.

But, we’re sure you already know all this. One thing that many people struggle with is how to style out t-shirts better. If you are looking to invest in more of these extremely versatile garments for your store or want to encourage them to try something different with their t-shirt, wholesale UK-based company Stylewise Direct is here to help.

We are going to highlight some great styling options for t-shirts that you may not have thought about to help sell and market them better to your customers.

With a Pair of Denim Cut-Offs and Smart Blazer

Okay, so a pair of denim shorts and a t-shirt may not sound smart enough for a night on the tiles. What’s the solution? Add a smart blazer and a nice pair of strappy heels and you are good to go. Need any encourage to be a little braver? Just look at what the likes of Rihanna and others have been snapped wearing.

With a Bold Coloured Suit

Why not go one step further and wear a whole suit. If you have a classic, clean, and fresh white t-shirt with a bold coloured trousers and jacket combination. You can be as bold as you dare and if you want to make it look a little trendier, you could try and add a flashy pair of thick-soled trainers, or kitten heels if that’s what you prefer.

As a Dress

Now, we know there are such things as t-shirt dresses in existence, but who said you even need to buy one of those? Find an oversized t-shirt, or the longest men’s size you can so that you are covered as modestly as you require and then pair it with a nice pair of sexy tights or stockings, chunky boots and you are ready to wow whoever you meet, wherever you are heading.

With Sunglasses and Skinnies

A more traditional look for a t-shirt but one that is a classic for a reason is the whole skinny jeans and t-shirt. Here you can go as bold as you like or for a nice and clean look, opt for a plain white tee and pair it with the skinny jeans of your choice. We would recommend the old favourite of a light blue stonewash. To really give it that cool and chic look, finish it with some nice jewellery and a pair of your best trainers.

With Fitted Boots and a Fitted Skirt

Another option that many will not readily think of when figuring out how to wear a t-shirt is with a fitted skirt. Normally matched with blouses and more conventionally formal or evening attire, a fitted skirt can elevate even the most laid-back t-shirt.

The Many Benefits of Buying in Bulk for Your Business

One of the biggest dilemmas that faces most businessowners at some point in time is whether to buy clothes in bulk or buy from retail outlets or even directly from suppliers. Although buying bulk, or wholesale may not be the best for some businesses, if you can afford it and it is of greater convenience for you with regards to the kind of items you are selling, it can be hugely beneficial. How? That’s what we are going to discuss in the following post.


We mentioned cost in the outset of this post and that is without a shadow of a doubt, one of the biggest benefits you will gain from buying clothes in bulk. You are going to save money on each unit of a particular product. Often with women clothing wholesalers like Stylewise Direct, the more you buy, the more you save.

Time-saving And Convenient

This is a nice follow-on point from the above. When you buy clothes in bulk for your shop it saves you a lot of time and effort. Normally, if you were not buying in bulk, you need to visit a lot more places to source stock and that means dealing with multiple delivery times and charges, as well as a number of different points of contact with each individual store, or supplier. Everything is simplified and streamlined when you choose a company like Stylewise Direct as your main stock supplier.

More Profitable

When you run a small business, you are always looking to get the best profits you can. Following on nicely from the above, therefore, it makes sense that if you are paying less for each item of clothing in a bulk buy, you are going to make better profits. This also works in your favour if you can pass on the savings to your customers. People are more likely to buy clothes from your store if they think they are getting a good deal and items for less than they would elsewhere.

Consistently Good Quality Products

When you buy from a reputable clothing wholesaler, you get the peace of mind that the quality will always be of a high standard. Stylewise Direct assure this throughout their stock. This can be reassuring for a business when your success depends on being able to provide high quality products to your customers at all times.


One issue that a lot of people feel passionate about is the environment. Which is understandable as there is growing concern about climate change and its causes. It is likely that most of your customers will want to know that you are doing your best to help the environment, rather than do more harm to it. Bulk buying clothes is, in many ways, a lot eco-friendlier than the alternatives.

When you order from Stylewise Direct, for instance, you are only paying out once at a time for a delivery. There will not be multiple vans required.

So not only are you going to save money and time, but can help the environment.

Boutique or Clothes Shop?

If you are in the process of establishing your own clothes business, one thing you may not have considered yet, that is worth giving some serious thought to, is whether you are positioning your store as a boutique or a more general clothes shop. It may be, like many other people, that you didn’t realise there was actually a difference.

Perhaps you thought boutique was just a fancy name that some businesses use to defend their extremely high prices. Even if that were true, there is actually a distinct difference, normally, to what is considered a boutique store and a clothes shop. Therefore, it’s important you familiarise yourself with the difference and determine which matches up best with the kind of items you want to sell, as this will make marketing your business easier.

What is the Difference?

Essentially, the difference between the two terms and the type of retail outlets they relate to is:

Boutiques are smaller with a more focused range of products, whether it’s clothes or accessories. A shop that deals in just fancy lingerie, could be considered a boutique, as could one that sells jewellery, bags, and shoes.

Whereas a run-of-the-mill clothes shop will just sell a wider range of items across a lot of different categories.

Why You Should Consider Running a Boutique Clothes Shop

There are some great benefits to establishing your women clothing business as a boutique-style store. For one thing, with a boutique, rather than trying to appeal to a broader target market, you will mostly likely to be focusing your attention on a specific type of customer. For instance, only brides to be and their relatives are likely to be interested in your wedding boutique. Even if you had visitors who were not in a position to get married and had no need for a wedding dress, they are unlikely to buy.

The same is true if you had a boutique that was aimed at twentysomethings…you are unlikely to have many older consumers visiting just to browse and leave without buying anything.

While it won’t make marketing any less of a challenge, it would simplify it somewhat, compared to if you ran a more general clothes store.

Best Way to Get Inventory

If you decide to go down the route of having a more focused and streamlined boutique-style store, you may be wondering how best to fill your shelves or your online inventory. As it is a boutique with a very select clientele that you are obviously trying to target, you may think that the best way to source products would be to buy individuals in smaller volumes. However, there is a lot of benefits to investing in wholesale boutique clothing.

When you choose a company like Stylewise Direct, where there is no minimum order, you can buy stylish and fashionable items that will suit the specific tastes of your customers. It is not only more convenient, but less expensive than it may be trying to scour through various different suppliers.

Why Wholesale Jeans Are a Great Addition to Your Clothes Shop Inventory

Are you looking to invest in some new lines of clothing for your store or are you just setting up shop and trying to determine which items you should buy wholesale? Whatever the reason you are looking for new products to sell, if you don’t already sell them, you should consider buying wholesale jeans for your store.

Jeans are incredibly popular and are never really going to go out of style. What makes them so popular?

One thing that makes jeans stand out over other trousers and garments for your bottom half is that they tend to last longer. The material is of better quality in the long run than those nice and smart dress trousers you wear to work. They are a little on the rugged side, but they will never let you down or get threadbare without giving you great value for the money you spend on them.

Endless Options
There was a time when there were two basic styles of jeans, the boot cut and the wide leg. Those days are gone and replacing them are days of so many styles it is hard to keep track of them all. You can basically find a pair of jeans in a style that will suit whatever event, occasion, hot date, or lunch with the girls you are looking to wear them for.

It has never been easier to wear jeans for occasions that would otherwise command more formal attire in the past. Thanks to the fact that you get jeans in darker tones and sleeker styles, they will not look out of place wearing them to the office, for instance. You can even wear some kind of statement accessory to cover over the fact that you are wearing incredibly informal and comfortable jeans while sat at your desk.

They Make Your Butt Look Great
There is no getting around the fact, but jeans will make your bottom look incredible. What do we all do when we first try on a new pair? We look into the mirror and then check out the buttocks area. It doesn’t matter how great you look good in those soft trousers, yoga leggings or stretchy slacks, nothing will beat how good your bottom half looks in a pair of well-fitting jeans.

Easy to Style
If you think for a moment about the other pairs of trousers you have in your cupboards and drawers. Can you style them with just about anything great in less than, say, five minutes? We would suggest to you right now that unless you bought this magical pair of trousers we have not heard of before or specifically have a collection of clothes that mix and match well together, that you can’t. Which is exactly what you can do with a pair of jeans. You can slip them on and then pair them with anything from a dressy and very formal blouse shirt or a casual t-shirt.

Understanding the Differences Between Clothing Wholesalers and Retailers

When products are bought from a retail store, they have often been distributed from different sources along the way before they reached there. When a product is made, getting it to market requires a supply chain that normally consists of various middlemen between the endpoint with the consumer and the starting point with the manufacturer.
The most important and commonly placed parts of a supply chain are distributors, wholesalers and then retailers. Understanding the difference between these distinctive parts of the supply chain and where you fit in can help when you are trying to buy products and lines for your shop inventory.

Distributors Work Closely With Manufacturers
Distributors normally work closely with the manufacturers they represent. You will find that some distributors even hold exclusive buying agreements with manufacturers. For manufacturers, their main contact point for finding buyers of their products are the distributors.

Interestingly, though, distributors very rarely actually sell goods from manufacturers directly to the end-user/consumer. What happens next, because of the large number of products they are normally handling at any one time from manufacturers, distributors usually work in collaboration with wholesalers who will then buy larger amounts of specific products.

Wholesalers Buy From The Distributors
As noted above, it is often the case that in the supply chain we mentioned the clothing wholesalers are the ones who buy a large volume of products from the distributors who are working on behalf of the manufacturers. Because wholesalers can put through a high volume of purchases, they have stronger buying power. As distributors like working with wholesalers because they know they are guaranteed to get a sale for their clients, the manufacturers, they often provide discounts on either the total price of the merchandise or on the specific number of products bought.

Why You Should Consider Working Directly With a Wholesaler
In the traditional supply chain, the next step between the manufacturer and the customer is the wholesaler who then sells the items on to the retailer. If you are a clothing retailer based in Manchester, can you see the benefit of instead of looking for distributors or even manufacturers to make clothes for you, skipping a few steps and going straight to the wholesalers?

At Stylewise Direct, we are a clothing wholesaler, Manchester-based, we think you should consider working with. We can provide you with an endless supply of great clothes to fill your inventory for your store, whether you have a physical brick and mortar location or are selling clothes from an online store.

There is no lower or upper limit on the volume you need to order at any one time and the clothes we have, especially in our womenswear section, are available in a wide range of styles, colours, and sizes. So, whatever your target market is and the type of people you are trying to sell clothes too, you can get them from us for a very reasonable price. The quality is guaranteed to be exceptionally high and we are always on hand to give you help with your orders.

Tips for Wearing T-Shirt Dresses In Summer and Beyond

Think t-shirt dresses are only great for summer and the warmer months? Think again. In the following post, we are going to offer tips as to how you can wear t-shirt dresses in virtually any season. Understanding this will help you to see why you consider investing in at least one line of t-shirt dress wholesale items for your store.

During Summer

On Weekdays
If you are looking to style a t-shirt dress so that it is good to wear at work, then it is the shoes and accessories that are most important. You could try wearing a cropped blazer and block-heeled sandal along with the t-shirt dress for a very professional and business-ready look. You can finish it with a small amount of silver or gold jewellery, your best watch, and a large tote bag.

In the Evening
What if you want to transition from weekday attire to evening dress easily? Simple get rid of the blazer and choose a smaller bag like a bucket or clutch bag and you are good to go.

On the Weekends
On the weekends you can pair it with a button-up top leaving it opened and unbuttoned for a care-free feel. Go for the layer effect with necklaces and use a weekend-ready tote for everything you need.

During Autumn

On Weekdays
For Autumn weekdays, you could try pairing your t-shirt dress with a moto jacket or trench coat, along with a snazzy pair of vibrantly coloured heels.

In the Evening
For evening attire during autumn, stick to something very minimal and wear your t-shirt dress with just a pair of nice heels and a clutch bag. If the weather is a bit on the chilly side, you may want to wear some smart ankle boots and a pair of tights.

On the Weekends
Wear your t-shirt dress with a thin, but a knitted sweater, ankle boots and some tights. Finish with a scarf and you have the perfect weekend ensemble.

During Winter

On Weekdays
For those wintery weekdays heading to the office, pair a t-shirt dress with a nice long coat, thick tights, and a pair of ankle boots, or even higher if you prefer. Finish it with a nice infinity scarf and some good quality gloves for a classy, but comfortable look.

In the Evening
It really depends on where you are going and what you are doing, but you could switch out the long coat for a less business-like trench coat. Pair with some stud earrings and a flashy necklace. The boots can be exchanged for a nice sexy pair of flats if it’s not too cold, but keep those thick tights on.

On the Weekends
For a wintry weekend, we would suggest a similar look to the above, but you could wear an oversized tote bag for all your necessities and an even higher boot and switch out the plain black or nude tights for something more informal.

Really what you wear in spring can be similar to fall, but with brighter colours and fewer layers as the cold starts to dissipate and the temperature heats up, even if it is only slightly.

Tips for Wearing Summer Dresses In Winter

Do you still have a lot of summer dresses in your inventory, perhaps due to the stop-start nature of 2020? With winter well underway, perhaps you are considering shelving them until later in the year when the summer clothes selling season kicks off. However, if you want to make the most of those wholesale summer dresses you invested in, we have put together some tips for styling summer dresses during the colder months at the start of the year.

Perhaps these can help you understand how better to market them.

Layer it With Trousers

Don’t be fooled by the idea that this might be an instantaneous way to add unattractive and unflattering bulk to your wintery look. When you layer your dress over trousers, you need to keep the layers you are using as a base nice and thin. That will allow your very slinky summer dress to fill the role of a sexy little tunic for very casual winter styling.

This could be achieved with a nice skinny pair of black leather biker bottoms, denim anorak-style jacket and plaid shrug or throwover.

Layer a Sweater Over The Top of The Dress

Instead of layering underneath it with trousers, why not stick a nice sweater over the cute little black dress you bought for those summer parties? When you pair it with a nice fitted sweater and a leather jacket, that summer dress quickly becomes a cool skirt. Keep the cold at bay using some nice thick tights and high-heel boots.

Use a Statement Coat

Summer dresses should not be left just for wintry workwear and luncheons. You can neck turning outfit with the right pairings. Take that little black dress or summery dress and wear it with a nice and gorgeous long coat, a pair of woollen over-the-knee socks, embellished gloves, and fringe boots.

Try a Turtleneck

Did you spend out on a lot of off-shoulder summery dresses last year that look as if they would only really be suitable on the beach? You can warm that outfit up very easily by wearing a turtleneck underneath the dress, then using an oversized gilet and a very dramatic and long pair of gloves and boots to accentuate your arms and legs.

Use a Sweatshirt

If you have some bright maxi summer dresses that were easy to wear in the summer, they can just be as easy to wear in winter with the right pairings. Take the dress and wear it under a nice crewneck sweatshirt along with the traditional winter staples of boots, beanie, and puffer jacket. You will still look like a rocking, sexy female, but will remain comfortable, cosy, and snuggly warm.

Much more of a feminine look than pullovers and jeans, that’s for sure.

There is real reason why you can’t market your summer dresses during winter. With the tips above, you could use photographs, mannequins or whatever you need, whether you are dressing in a shop window or online on your ecommerce store.

Why T-Shirt Dresses Are So Popular

Are you looking to stock something a bit different in your clothing boutique? Perhaps you are looking for garments that are easy-going and chilled enough that your customers can just throw them on without too much worry, while still looking stylish and smart. One great option that you may or may not have considered thus far is the humble t-shirt dress.

If you haven’t and have always wondered why they remain so popular, let us help you out.

Incredibly Versatile
There are so many different ways you can style t-shirt dresses. They will work well with wide belts and over-the-knee boots or you could opt to use more pointed and chic ankle boots. However, t-shirt dresses will not look out of place with simple lace-up flats or sneakers for a very effortless dressed down outfit.

Perfect All Year Round
Unlike some items of clothing that only work in specific seasons, t-shirt dresses will work in just about any season as long as you are careful with what you pair them with. For instance, during summer, t-shirt dresses and sandals are a simple and sexy combination that will stop you from overheating on those days when we are blessed with more of the big yellow thing in the sky than we usually are.

However, there is no reason to feel you can’t wear t-shirt dresses during autumn, as you can pair them up with oversized cardigans to give them a cosier feel. During the coldest points in winter, it is still possible to look every inch the foxy fashionista you feel on the inside by combining t-shirt dresses with large denim jackets and fishnet stockings.

Hiding Your Figure
One thing that many women have issues with is the days when they feel larger, more bloated and frumpier than other days. On those days, t-shirt dresses are the perfect solution. They seem to have this innate ability to mask those the parts of your body shape and its size that you’d rather the world didn’t see.

Variety of Styles
Just because they are all called t-shirt dresses, doesn’t mean they are all the same. There is plenty of variety to choose from. So, for customers who are looking for sexier and more provocative garments, there are off the shoulder t-shirt dresses or those with deeper V-neck style cuts. For more formal occasions, there is those cut in the opposite way, with no cleavage on display at all.

So, if you are looking for a garment to attract some more sales, then we would definitely recommend you consider stocking some t-shirt dresses. Obviously, you need to consider the age group of your target market, but as there are some very classy t-shirt dresses available through wholesalers these days, even that shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

The best way to market them would be to include lots of great accessories that your customers could pair them with to complete quick, easy and cool outfits no matter what time of year it is.

Tips for Choosing Women’s Wholesale Tops for Your Clothing Store

Tops, in their many forms and styles, are the types of clothes that everyone has in their wardrobe. Unless you are planning on opening (or already have opened) a clothing store that focuses on a specific subcategory of clothing like lingerie and underwear or fitness wear, you will want to sell some tops.

With so many tops out there to choose from, you may find it hard picking out items to sell in your store. In the following post, we are going to offer some helpful suggestions you can follow to stock the right items that are going to attract your customers.

Consider Investing in a Range of Short and Long Sleeve Tops
While tops may be one of the most common items in any woman’s wardrobe, different women like different styles of tops and one of the main choices people will often make are whether they want a short-sleeved or long-sleeved garment. Unless you know for certain that the customers you are targeting prefer one over the other, it is much more sensible to stock tops with short sleeves and long sleeves, so that customers and visitors to your store have the choice.

Choose Colours Carefully
While you may be tempted to buy women’s wholesale tops in the widest variety of colours possible, it may not be the most economically-sound strategy. Everyone has their own favourite colours, but some colours are more appealing than others. You also need to think about the season you are trying to sell your items in. Autumnal and warmer colours tend to sell better at that time in the year than they would during summer unless an individual has a strong preference for those kinds of tones.

During summer, brighter and more vibrant colours are more sought after.

More Than Just T-Shirts and Blouses
Indeed, t-shirts and blouses are perhaps the two most popular and common tops that you are likely to see women wearing. However, if you just focus on selling those types of garments, you may miss out on a lot of sales you could have secured if you had invested in other cuts and styles of tops.

Think About Your Customers
This is a given when you are selling absolutely anything – you need to think about what your customers want. You may love garments and wanton try and encourage your customers to buy them, but if they are not interested in them, you may never make profitable sales of them. So, when you are looking at the types of tops to invest in for your store, in conjunction with the other tips and suggestions mentioned above, you need to carefully think about your target market.

If there are a lot of businesswomen who shop in your store and office workers, you may want to ensure you have smart and formal tops and blouses, or even shirts where appropriate. Obviously, if you are targeting younger women, t-shirts, crop tops and vests are a must.

When you make the effort to properly consider all your options even when choosing the inventory for one particular section of your store, you are more likely to have success and get those all-important sales.