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History Of Cardigans & How Are They Worn

Cardigans are knitted garments and are designed to have an open front. Provided with buttons or zips; modern people prefer to wear Cardigans with front open to flaunt the tees or shirts worn underneath. Cardigans are also a popular women’s winter wear. Many Cardigans For Women these days are designed such that these hang open, though zips and buttons are incorporated in the design. This blog discusses History Of Cardigans & How Are They Worn.

History of Cardigans

The sweater derives its name from James Brudenell, 7th Earl of Cardigan. He was a British Army Major General and participated in the Crimean War. It was the popularity Brudenell gained during the war that led to the popularity of Cardigan garments too. The modern Cardigans that we wear today, their design idea evolved from the knitted woollen waistcoats that were worn by the British officers during the war time. Initially the term Cardigan was only used for referring to knitted sleeveless vests but with the passage of the time these also started referring to the kind of Cardigans that we wear today.

How are Cardigans Worn?

  • Traditionally plain Cardigans are worn over shirts by men.
  • For a less formal look plain Cardigans are worn inside suit jackets preferably by men.
  • Contemporary women also wear Cardigans and team them with stylish tees and shirts. Cardigans For Women come in plethora of designs and colours.
  • Monochromatic Cardigans make for a traditional fashion statement and are available in both sleeved and vest forms.
  • Youngsters especially skateboarders love to wear striped Cardigans in striking colours.
  • A Cardigan makes for nice formal clothing when worn in a certain style that is over a button-down dress shirt by both men and women.
  • For an informal look Cardigans can be matched and worn with T-shirt underneath by anyone.

Cardigans can be purchased in various styles. For a romantic day, embroidered Cardigans and shawl-collared Cardigans would be the best option. Hooded Cardigans can be purchased for a more casual look and beaded Cardigans can be procured to be worn on formal events. Are you wondering from where you can purchase stylish and less priced Cardigans? If you want to buy Cardigans for Women in Wholesale, there are many online suppliers of Wholesale Women’s Fashion Wear Online in UK that offer Cardigans for Women at highly competitive prices. One can place the bulk order; the order is dispatched on time.

In Search for Superb Cardigans for Women

One of the essential parts in an outfit for women of all ages and body types is that of the cardigan. It is truly versatile, and it can complete all kinds of outfits in the best manner possible. So, wholesale women cardigans can be proven truly helpful to people who wish to get their hands-on bulk quantities of such wearing apparel. If you run a business on your own, and you are looking for the most splendid clothing options to add to your stock, cardigans should be among your first picks.

Where Can Women Use Cardigans
There are literally innumerable combinations that are related to cardigans for a woman. According to the style and body type, of each lady, cardigans are used on top of T-shirts and strapless tops, sleeveless shirts and shift dresses. They look lovely with jeans and tights, while they go wonderfully with skirts and especially mini dresses. They can be found in a plethora of different colours and sizes, as well as fabrics. Cotton is always a great choice, when it comes to cardigans. Still, there are other cardigans made of viscose and elastane. Woollen cardigans are also appealing during winter, when the feelings of warmth and comfort are most treasured. Open cardigans are simpler and can be used for all occasions without any second thought.

Where to Find Wholesale Deals
Luckily enough, there are several wholesale suppliers who sell quality wearing apparel at the most wonderful prices on the market. You can surf the web and narrow down your options, based on the exact type and size of the cardigans that you need. For instance, monochrome cardigans are available in quite many different colours and the same goes for viscose cardigans or woollen ones. You should make sure that the quality is top notch, while contacting the supplier for further information. You can ask for special deals and clarify the delivery process, as much as the size guide or the payment methods used. So, you should not waste any more of your time prior to finding these lovely garments that will complete any woman’s wardrobe and add style and comfort.

Cardigans are truly versatile as outfits and this is the main reason why they have become so popular all over the world, helping women create their own personal style and feel great about fashion! So what’s stopping you, go grab some of your own.