When the sun comes out and the weather is good, we all want to look good and remain cool. One way to do that is to wear a t-shirt. But what sort of t-shirt should you pick? Which t-shirts are on-trend? Which are the best t-shirts you can buy?

T-shirts are a great item of clothing and are very useful and wearable. This is because they are such a simple, universal shape that anyone can wear them. Look around you and you will see people of all ages and sizes wearing t-shirts, they truly have a universal appeal.

T-shirts can be plain or patterned, they can be worn in very casual ways but can be smartened up with the right accessories. T-shirts can be of tight-fitting, feminine styling; usually with a scooped hemline that fits just under the tummy. Or they can be the more traditional square shape. For plus size women, you will find T-shirts have a slightly longer hem at the front compared to the back, and this allows for a softer, rounder tummy.

T-shirts can have a round neck or a v neck. Larger sizes are more popular in a v neck shape since that is generally more flattering for a larger woman.

A plain white t-shirt is the Saviour of many a wardrobe calamity. A white t-shirt can be worn under a jacket for a relaxed professional look at work. Figure-hugging jeans and a white t-shirt can be worn for any casual event. Change the jeans for black smart trousers, and you will see that a plain white t-shirt can look great even for the office when teamed with a black jacket. One important thing to remember is that very often white t-shirts are a little see-through – remember to wear a white bra underneath.

Another great thing about t-shirts is the way they can so easily be personalised. You can dye t-shirts very easily to change their colour – many people like tie-dyed clothing which is easy to do with t-shirts. You can add sparkle with diamante beads and use this to accent parts of your body you like. T-shirt dresses look great with beads or sequins on the hemline, particularly if you have good legs.
Or accent the bust line with detailing in that area. If you love your neck then adding detail to the neckline will draw attention there.

You aren’t limited to adding beads, sparkling or otherwise. You can design your own t-shirts and have them printed, or you can buy t-shirts and add motives of your own.

While plain t-shirts do mean you can style them however you want, even patterned t-shirts can be embellished. Add beading to a pattern on the same shape as it repeats throughout the garment. Add tassels for an interesting hemline. Really, the only limit is your imagination.

You don’t have to get creative to have a great t-shirt though. You can buy t-shirts of every shade under the sun, every design possible. By keeping an eye on the fashion catwalks you can see which colours are on-trend in any particular season, and you can buy t-shirts in that colour.

If you are buying to stock your shop or store then you will need to pay attention to the trends that people want and the same goes for t-shirts as any other garment. T-shirts are so easy to wear, so versatile that you will always find a buyer for a well-made t-shirt. So be sure to stock up and be confident that you can ride the trend and give your customers the t-shirts they really want.