How to Choose the Best Clothing Wholesaler

One of the most popular ways to buy inventory for clothing businesses these days, whether they are online or offline, is through a wholesaler. You can save a lot of money buying larger quantities of same and similar items at once that you know are going to sell easily. Most companies offer reductions on the purchase price depending on the size of your order. Rather than looking around different suppliers for individual lines and garments, it is also a great way to save time and effort, giving yourself more time to spend on the promoting and marketing side of the business.

If you are new to the world of wholesale women fashion, though, you need to be careful. Although there is a huge number of wholesalers out there, not all of them are made equally. In the following post, therefore, we are going to take some time to discuss some of the most important considerations you need to make before choosing to purchase clothes in bulk from a wholesaler.

Are They UK Based and Do They Provide Full Contact Details?

You may not think this is particularly important. After all, many of us buy products and items from all over the world. However, when you are buying stock for your shop, you need a reliable source. It may be possible to save money buying from a company based overseas, but the lead times for deliveries will be much longer than a domestic company.

Furthermore, you also need to be careful and choose a company that offers full contact details and an address. This is another way of checking their reliability and that they are who they say they are. Avoid any company that only offers a mobile phone number or a PO Box address as a means of communication.

You need to be able to contact the company directly, particularly if anything goes wrong with your order, like a delayed delivery or items missing from the order.

Delivery Times

The next consideration you need to make when choosing a wholesaler is the shipping times. This is important to take note of when comparing and contrasting different companies because you want to know you will be able to get the stock you need when you need it.

Cost and Discounts Offered

As noted at the outset, most wholesalers offer incentives for buying greater quantities of items. If you are trying to make your outgoings of the business go as far as they can, it will be worth noting how much of a discount per item you are going to get based on how many you buy. Remember to factor in the delivery cost and VAT, unless they have included it in the price already.

Fortunately, companies like Stylewise Direct offer a flat rate on the delivery of wholesale women fashion. Which means it doesn’t matter how many items you buy with one order; the delivery cost will be the same.


One major issue with many less reputable wholesalers is the quality of their clothes. Be wary, therefore, when choosing a wholesaler, that sometimes those low prices are too good to be true and could be an indication that you are not getting garments made to a high standard using nice materials. You need to find a good balance between quality and affordable prices.

Quantity and Variety Available

Last but not least, another key consideration you need to make when choosing a wholesale women’s fashion supplier is that they have a reasonable quantity of goods available and a wide variety to choose from. The last thing you want is to find specific clothing types and styles that sell well once you’ve trialed them at your store, only to find the wholesaler does not have many available and rarely replenishes their stock.

If they are a popular wholesaler, other shops will likely be using them too. Therefore, it is a good idea to make sure there is enough variety on offer so that, where possible, you can avoid simply selling all the same types and styles as another business.