Styles to Consider When Buying Wholesale Summer Dresses

Although it may be a little early to start stocking up on wholesale summer dresses for your fashion boutique, there is no reason why you can’t plan out the type of items you are going to buy to put on sale around April-May next year. In the following post, we are going to look at some of the most appealing and popular styles of summer dresses you should be included in your inventory to attract customers and secure those all-important sales.

Halter neck Short Summer Dress
The Halterneck short summer dress is a simple, yet a sexy piece of clothing to wear when the sun comes out, that benefits from an extremely attractive neck design. You will normally find these types of summer dresses available in plain solid colours or pretty floral prints. Rather than there being noticeable straps, the halter neck-straps are more simplistic strips of cloth that loops around the back of the neck to hold the dress in place. This allows it to hug gently around the chest and flare out from mid-waist downwards.

Casual Collar Summer Dress
Does your store cater to a wide range of women of all ages? Casual collar summer dresses are a comfortable way to look smart during those warmer months and look great on middle-age women and younger adult females. Whether it’s a business lunch or a brunch date with their significant other, these are a winning garment.

Jersey Casual Summer Dress
Although many summer dresses tend to be made from either cotton or a cotton and synthetic mix, summer dresses made from jersey are also incredibly popular. It means that, on those days when there is a bit of breeze, you can take the edge off the lower temperatures.

Bohemian Style Long Summer Dress
Who said all summer dresses have to be cut to knee length? Particularly popular with younger fashionistas is the hippy-inspired bohemian-style summer dress. These are normally adorned with colourful patterned synthetic material, with flowery or natural world-inspired prints. To help provide some form and fit the long run of fabric, they have a wide belt that runs around the waist.

Long Beachwear Summer Dress
As many have not got the chance to really enjoy a summer beach experience this year, by the time the sun starts shining brightly and warmly and the seaside is more appealing, there will be a lot of lost time to make up for. That’s why it may be a good idea to stock a line of long beachwear summer dresses. These are body-hugging and provide a sexy silhouette for the ladies who want to dress for the beach, but don’t want to strip down to a bikini or one-piece.

Off-Shoulder Summer Dresses
During the summer is the time when most women want to bare more skin, as there are more opportunities for tanning. Off-shoulder summer dresses are a great way to expose more skin than you normally would, even when you are participating in some retail therapy or meeting up with the girls for a nice bit of lunch.