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The new LBD

Over our many years of working in the women’s wholesale fashion industry, we have seen trends come and go and we think we have a good idea of what women like to where. Many would assume that the staple in most women’s wardrobe is the Little Black Dress, or LBD for short. However, at Stylewise we believe the everyday staple are actually Jeans!

Jeans were invented by Jacob W. Davis in partnership with Levi Strauss & Co. in 1871, however the popularity of the Jeans as we know did not take off until the 1950’s and here at Stylewise we think we should celebrate Jeans for the versatile go-to item we know and love.

Come Rain or Shine

As per our earlier blog “Whatever the Weather” we picked some key women’s wholesale fashion items for keeping your customers on trend regardless of the weather and Jeans were on of our top 3 choices. Whether it’s glorious sunshine, or pouring with rain, Jeans have always been a firm favourite every season.

Jeggings These elasticated waist denim jeggings would be perfect for all seasons


 From Day to Night

It’s not just the changing weather that Jeans can be relied upon either. From casual daytime looks to glam evening outfits, our wholesale ladies fashion Jeans can be dressed up or dressed down to suit every occasion.

jeans 1These dark wash fold over slim fit denim jeans would create the ideal look day or night


 All shapes and colours

Don’t be fooled into thinking Jeans should be blue. The growing trend of “colour pop” have seen Jeans transform from traditional indigo blue, to pretty much any colour you can think of – the perfect way to transform any outfit. These are a popular ladies wholesale fashion choice!

jeans 3These distressed knew denim jeans come in a variety of colours and would brighten any outfit


History of the Bardot trend

If you’re thinking the Bardot trend is a recent style, you would be mistaken. As with most fashion trends, the Bardot dates back to the Regency and Victorian era. Off the shoulder dresses were the height of fashion in the early to mid-1800’s with the likes of Napoleon’s empress, Eugenie and her ladies wearing dresses designed by Charles Frederick Worth in 1855.

pic1Image source: fashion-backwards.com

It wasn’t until fashion icon Brigitte Bardot revived the fashion trend, and put her own twist on the style in the 1960’s, that the off the shoulder style was coined as the “Bardot”.

Today, the look has made a huge-come back and has become one of this season most unexpected flattering styles for the summer. At Stylewise Direct HQ we have been loving the Bardot style since spring and we have a gorgeous selection of wholesale women’s fashion Bardot style pieces, which would be perfect for stocking up this season. Whether it’s a comfy weekend outfit for lunch with the girls, or a gorgeous dress for date night, Bardot styles are taking the season by storm.

So now is the perfect time to stock up on your range of Bardot style items with our wholesale ladies fashion selection:


Off the shoulder plunge floral Bardot Dress – perfect for summer nights out

top 1


Textured knit off the shoulder Bardot Top – For the boho relaxed look.



Celeb inspired floral lace Bardot Dress – Ideal as a stylish summer wedding outfit.


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The Safest Bets For Women’s Fashion

Buying clothes as a gift for a female friend or relative is probably one of most confusing tasks. Women are very choosy when it comes to their clothes. They take into account every minute detail before buying a dress. Having knowledge about the latest trends will not suffice because mostly every lady modifies the new fashion to create her own style. So instead of taking the risk of experimenting, why not follow the safest routes? Here is a list of Women’s Fashion tips that can never go wrong.

  • Simplicity all the way- When it comes to designs, women are very particular. They all have very variegated preferences. But simple clothes, with no frivolous prints or designs, are liked by all. The plain tees and tops may not be their favourite outfit, but they love to wear them for casual outings.
  • Neither Too Tight and Nor Too Loose- Not every woman loves to flaunt her curves. Most of them are conscious about even the slightest tyre flab. On the other hand, very loose clothes do not suit every body type. So, it is better to take the middle path and go for dresses or tops that neither flaunt nor hide the body’s shape.
  • Neutral Colours- Although neon colours are the latest addition to Women’s Fashion, they may not be liked by all and do not compliment certain skin colours also. Unless you have seen the lady sporting neon coloured clothes, do not go for them. Rather, choose the colours which are universally loved. Colours such as black, off-white and darker tones of red and blue are liked by most.

Whichever piece of clothing you are gifting; make sure you have some basic idea about her preferences. Unless you are well aware of her likes and dislikes, follow these safest bets for Women’s Fashion.

A Look In to Women’s Fashion and Dresses

Fashion industry is a fast evolving industry and also reckoned as a million dollar industry. There have been hordes of dedicated professionals and workers, globally engaged in designing, tailoring and marketing women’s clothing. The eventual scenario is that paparazzi is always eager to click female celebrities in eccentric attires and female mannequins in the market places stay swaddled in novel attires too. This article gives A Look Into Women’s Fashion and Dresses! Some of the fashions and style statements that have been observed over the years are following:

Maxi Dresses: These are long flowing dresses and look extremely good on petite women. These help in building sultry feminine curves and women who have long torso or a bit boyish figure have many of these dresses in their wardrobe.

Wrap Dresses: These dresses emphasise the beauty of women who have pear shaped bodies. These dresses attract attention to the curves by accentuating the bust area and making the waste look thin.

Mini Dresses: Many women carry a penchant for mini dresses. These dresses can give sensuous demeanour to any petite woman. The dress makes the legs look longer and can be worn with a pair of nice heels too.

Shirt Dresses: The dresses are worn especially by women who cherish their hourglass shape. These look flattering on the right figures but can make a woman look un-shapely if her figure is not that perfect.

Sheath Dresses: Women endowed with apple shape should wear these dresses in long lengths. The dresses look good on every body type and also hide tummy fat nicely.

A-line Dresses: These dresses are mostly worn by tall women and especially pear shaped and apple shaped women. These also look good on petite women.

Peplum Dresses: Damsels who have broad shoulders would always love wearing these dresses. There is wide flare at the hip and the dress can give the needed balance to a figure.

Slip Dresses: Slip Dress is a timeless dress that every wench must have! It can be teemed up with henley to get the grunge look or with long menswear sweater to exude a more casual look.

Flared Dresses: If worn in black colour the dress would give a classic 1950’s silhouette feel. The dress can be worn with ballet flats for a casual look and with jewel-toned satin pumps for any soiree.

Clothing helps in enhancing a woman’s self-esteem and also helps in exuding social roles. It also symbolises allegiance, status, and personality. Every woman has a different body type and persona and she should choose a dress accordingly.