Tips for Choosing Women’s Wholesale Tops for Your Clothing Store

Tops, in their many forms and styles, are the types of clothes that everyone has in their wardrobe. Unless you are planning on opening (or already have opened) a clothing store that focuses on a specific subcategory of clothing like lingerie and underwear or fitness wear, you will want to sell some tops.

With so many tops out there to choose from, you may find it hard picking out items to sell in your store. In the following post, we are going to offer some helpful suggestions you can follow to stock the right items that are going to attract your customers.

Consider Investing in a Range of Short and Long Sleeve Tops
While tops may be one of the most common items in any woman’s wardrobe, different women like different styles of tops and one of the main choices people will often make are whether they want a short-sleeved or long-sleeved garment. Unless you know for certain that the customers you are targeting prefer one over the other, it is much more sensible to stock tops with short sleeves and long sleeves, so that customers and visitors to your store have the choice.

Choose Colours Carefully
While you may be tempted to buy women’s wholesale tops in the widest variety of colours possible, it may not be the most economically-sound strategy. Everyone has their own favourite colours, but some colours are more appealing than others. You also need to think about the season you are trying to sell your items in. Autumnal and warmer colours tend to sell better at that time in the year than they would during summer unless an individual has a strong preference for those kinds of tones.

During summer, brighter and more vibrant colours are more sought after.

More Than Just T-Shirts and Blouses
Indeed, t-shirts and blouses are perhaps the two most popular and common tops that you are likely to see women wearing. However, if you just focus on selling those types of garments, you may miss out on a lot of sales you could have secured if you had invested in other cuts and styles of tops.

Think About Your Customers
This is a given when you are selling absolutely anything – you need to think about what your customers want. You may love garments and wanton try and encourage your customers to buy them, but if they are not interested in them, you may never make profitable sales of them. So, when you are looking at the types of tops to invest in for your store, in conjunction with the other tips and suggestions mentioned above, you need to carefully think about your target market.

If there are a lot of businesswomen who shop in your store and office workers, you may want to ensure you have smart and formal tops and blouses, or even shirts where appropriate. Obviously, if you are targeting younger women, t-shirts, crop tops and vests are a must.

When you make the effort to properly consider all your options even when choosing the inventory for one particular section of your store, you are more likely to have success and get those all-important sales.