Wholesale Plain Leggings

Some products come along and then just never go away again, and leggings are one of those things. Leggings are elasticated lycra trousers that fit right next to the skin. Because they have lycra they stretch with the bodies movement, they are very comfortable. Originally worn by dancers and athletes, they allow full movement and do not restrict the body in any way.

So, why would anyone wear them? Who likes leggings? The answer is in fact most women can wear leggings and look great. If you are slim then wear leggings with anything you like – women wear them with crop tops for jogging and running. They look great with most tops, even blouse type tops with pulled in hemlines.

If you are a plus size woman, don’t turn your nose up at leggings. Wear them with a long t-shirt, something that covers up your bum and thighs. You can wear black leggings which look slimming on bigger women, and then team it with a bright top. That’s a good look for women with pear shaped figures.

If you are more of an apple shape, make sure you don’t have a t shirt that pulls on your tummy. Nothing looks worse than women wearing too tight leggings and a tight t-shirt, you can see the waistband of your leggings and that horrible muffin-top look, with tummy on the top and bottom of the leggings. But if you want to look glamorous, then you can wear a glitzy top and plain coloured leggings and add some snazzy shoes. That look will make you look really pretty and keep you comfortable. You can dance all night long and not worry about your clothes.

If you are a plus size woman then make sure you wear leggings that fit you. Over tight leggings which pull tight on your thighs tend to make the fabric thinner and thinner, which ends up with your leggings being pretty much see-through. This is a very unattractive look!

Cellulite can be an issue with tight leggings, if you don’t want to show off your cellulite then make sure your leggings are the right size for you.

Why would a retailer want leggings? Because they are really popular, comfortable and they wash and wear well. Women want to wear them, so if you stock a good variety of them then you will get the sales. Make sure you get a good range of sizes, as women of all shapes and sizes want them.

Plain leggings are always a good investment, particularly black. While all colours can be worn, black will always be the favourite. Patterned leggings have drawbacks in that once you have worn them, then everyone has seen them and they cannot really be worn over and over like plain leggings can be.

Buy wholesale plain leggings because women will. Women rarely buy leggings in ones, mostly they buy multiples. Another reason to stock them! Rarely do you find clothes that women wear out – but we all wear leggings until they get holes in. Then we buy more. It’s a retailers dream come true…constantly replaceable styles!

When buying wholesale plain leggings get the best quality you can, because women will come back to buy from you again and again. That kind of trust can be bought no other way, it only comes when you provide top quality for your customers.

Wide range of colours, good quality garments, and you will have women queuing up to get their wardrobes filled from you when you include plain leggings. Make sure you use a great wholesale supplier such as Stylewise.