Wholesale Printed Dresses

When we are looking for a dress we might already have accessories in mind, and this is never more the case when we are looking at printed dresses. A buyer who is looking at purchasing wholesale printed dresses could be overwhelmed at the choice available, it is so extensive. So how do we decide what print would be the best to get?

There are some rules and tips that go along with printed dresses that women everywhere know. For a start, what colour is the background of the dress? This is the colour that we are most likely to want to make work for us. We will probably already have shoes to match, and other accessories such as necklace, earrings and watch.

Black is a great background colour because nearly every woman has something to go with black, or in fact black shoes which will look great with a printed dress. Navy is a peculiar colour in some respects, it is similar to black but much less popular. Often you will notice sale items in navy, for some reason the fact that it isn’t as popular seems not to have filtered down to buyers. However, you quite often find older women buying navy items because black can be a harsh colour for older skin tones.

Wholesale printed dress purchasers would do well to remember that, and not buy navy background printed dresses unless they are targeting older women.

Then of course you have your print. Some types of print definitely have a shelf life and you will need to keep up with trends to see if the print you are considering is a la mode. Leopard skin prints are one of those that only certain people can wear. There are a group of women that wear it whether it is fashionable and trendy or not, but in the main, you won’t sell many leopard skin print dresses unless you have seen it on the catwalk or seen divas on television wearing it.

Flowery prints though are popular most of the time. You can always sell flowery print dresses, it is not necessarily a favourite with the younger crowd but definitely you will see 30 plus age range wearing flowery print dresses. Sometimes it’s nice to just wear something light and airy and pretty.

Printed dresses make a relaxed choice of garment. Particularly in summer, women going for a drink in the evening sunshine will wear a printed dress with sandals and matching accessories, perhaps a scarf in case the temperature drops, handbag and necklace.

Printed dresses are great for weddings. It avoids the formality of a two piece suit and you can still make a printed dress look smarter by adding a jacket. Of course, at a reception the jacket can be discarded for some dancing with friends of the groom. A printed dress can make a woman look very feminine, if that is what you are going for.

It’s vital when looking at wholesale printed dresses to consider which sort of person will be wearing them and what sort of occasion they will be worn to. During the summer months weddings will be important. During the winter printed dresses still have a role but certainly less so with women dressing more for warmth. Office wear could also include printed dresses depending on the standard of dress of the office involved. Certainly printed dresses are something it is hard to take offence to, since these are gentle ways of expressing ones femininity and are often not in styles that are too tight or short.

The fact that you don’t generally see printed dresses that are figure hugging and short is a recommendation to them as they are more likely to be seen at work up and down the UK.