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Accessorizing Shift Dress

Shift Dress is considered to be a very comfortable and versatile option. A short sleeveless dress that hangs straight down the shoulder in a straight line, it creates a nice skim line along the body and doesn’t cling. Because of its flexible design, it can be paired with different accessories which can give you a fresh new look. The right accessories can convert this dress from a formal meeting dress to a fun party one.  Some ways to accessorise shift dresses include:

Ø    Tights: They are extremely popular in the winter season and if paired properly with shift dress brings forward an impressive style. If going for a meeting or for a more office friendly or business appropriate look, leg slimming black tights with the dress is the way to go.

Ø    Footwear: Usually, shift dresses are paired with a heel that gives you an edgier look. Women also prefer sandals that tone down the glamour of clothes and gives a more restrained and laid-back look. Ankle boots are also a good way to give a more elegant look to your dress. Wholesale Shift Dress are available that can be paired with many different types of footwear.

Jewellery: Wooden bangles are a great way for bringing flavor to the dress. Paring clunky jewellery is also a good way of add grace to Shift Dress and is used as party wear. Wholesale Shift Dress can be brought online which are very popular among women.
Extra wear: Another way to pair Shift dress is to add another layer of cloth to the dress, including scarf or cardigan. A cardigan gives a great feminine look and suits fine as formal wear. Blazers in solid colours can also be worn that gives a professional look.

Its flattering and neat look has made it possible to wear shift dress in all season and has made it a popular choice among different age groups. Wholesale Shift Dresses in UK are available in range of colours, designs and fabrics.

Shopping Elegant Shift Dresses in UK

A shift dress is simple and sleeveless or with short sleeves, offering great flexibility to all the women who choose to wear such an outfit. Wholesale shift dresses in UK have been brought to light, due to the popularity that these dresses have gained over time. Although this style is not new in fashion, it has become more of a classic, and consequently, it is always a trend followed by many women. Despite its simplicity, the shift dress has got universal acclaim and there are abundant variations for you to choose from.
Is It Suitable for All Body Types?

Some women may find it uncomfortable to leave their arms without long sleeves, but in reality, this type of dress is quite flattering. Due to its style, it does not highlight the waist or the thighs in a bad way. Instead, it conceals any imperfections, and it points out the strongest parts in a woman’s silhouette. Especially, for women with long and sexy legs, this is the ultimate dress that will make them look even more beautiful and astonishing. With the use of high heels or boots, it can be combined accordingly and be the perfect outfit for all women. Using the proper accessories, such as tights and leggings, it can offer solutions for every time of the day and for every occasion. It is stunning how versatile these dresses can be, accompanying women at the office or at a theatre or out for drinks. There really is no restriction as to how you can wear these outfits!

A Touch of Nostalgia
It has been stated above that shift dresses are not new, as far as fashion trends are concerned. They were first introduced to the public in the 1960’s. Ever since, they have remained elegant outfits that do not fade away with the passing of the time. If you add jewellery and make-up that gives out a different era, you will be amazed at the result. Red lipstick and thick eye-liner will make your look more intense, along with sizeable earrings and a hair bun. If you finish your looks with the right gloves, you will be a true fashion icon from the sixties!

Find out how versatile these dresses can be and experiment with different accessories, different colours and textures. The best thing is that they never grow out of style, so your purchase is a long-life investment!