1960s Fashion

There is something about the 1960’s. Sure, it was a time of liberation; there was the pill, which enabled women to have sexual freedom, and there was the music of course. Everyone was singing about love and freedom. Money was plentiful, the economy was doing well, jobs were easy to come by. The future looked rosy and the fashions were fabulous.

Skirts were short, often very short! Hot pants were fashionable by the end of the 1960’s but the enduring look of the sixties were short skirts and dresses, often with super-cute peter pan collars, and hair styles were high with bouffant hair reaching unprecedented levels. Everyone was back-combing their locks as much as they could, spraying their hair to make it stick, and going out on the town.

Every now and then, there is a 1960’s revival, and those same styles come back. For many people they are a welcome sign of economic buoyancy. It’s one of those strange facts that when the economy is doing better, skirts get shorter. When it is a time of recession, skirts get longer. So when the wholesalers start to reflect the trend for short skirts, then the feeling is that there is a time of affluence.

So, what to think about when fashions reflect 1960’s styles?

If you don’t like your legs and want them covered up, you are at a disadvantage when it comes to 1960’s fashions. But do not despair. You can embrace 1960’s fashion by back-combing your hair, wearing a neckline that was in style at the time, such as a peter pan collar or a wide open neckline, showing off your clavicle, the bones under the neck. If you have short hair and want to look 1960’s follow fashion model Twiggy’s lead, with a short pixie cut.

Fashions in the 1960’s didn’t include low necklines, but rather scoop neck, wide neck or, if you want to go for an extremely short skirt, a demure peter pan neckline. This combined with an A-line dress would have been a big fashion yes. You can see similar styles when you check our wholesalers such as Stylewise Wholesalers. They stock an exciting range of styles which include 60’s inspired fashion.

We can’t talk about 1960’s fashion without mentioning the colours that were worn at that time. The price of fabric dropped as fabrics with nylon in them became readily available and with that colour flexibility increased. Because the fabrics were colour-fast, there was no restriction on which colours could be easily produced. So fashion welcomed all colours, the brighter the better. Psychedelic patterns were all the rage and block colours in wildly bright colours were fashionable too. Teaming black and yellow was a risk before nylon fabrics came about – with natural fabrics the colours could run too easily. But colour-fast fabrics meant that anyone could wear any colour and so they did!

The 1960’s was a time when fashion icons really came into their own. Jackie Kennedy, the First Lady, became a fashion icon and women everywhere followed her style. Boxy jackets and pencil skirts with back-combed hair made a real statement. Round necklines were very much in and v’s definitely out.

Shoes were important in the 1960’s – the stilettos of the fifties were out and kitten heels were in – little cute heels that women could walk in more easily. Of course, flat heels were also fashionable, again, this made it easier for women to move about, and since they were getting jobs, entering the workplace, which involved travelling more and being out of the house more, all important steps towards emancipation.

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