Shoes and Outfits

Every time customers buy an outfit they need to wear shoes with it. Shoes make up a big part of an outfits appeal and the general look of the outfit. When every woman puts an outfit together they think about the shoes they are going to wear with it. So shoes make up a big part of the look that women are going for. Here we will look at several images a woman might want to convey with her clothing and which shoes will go with that outfit.

Cool Relaxed Summery Look

When women want to look relaxed and summery, often we go for flat shoes. Why? Because it is easy to wear flat shoes, there is no struggle with heel height, and flat heels let us enjoy walking around in the cool breezes in the evening with no problems. Flat sandals go well with long flowing skirts, whether they are part of a dress or just a full length skirt.

Sometimes for a relaxed look we like to wear espadrilles which are lightweight shoes that have a slight heel, which is sometimes necessary for women who wear high heels frequently. This is because if we wear high heels all the time, our tendons shorten. Then, it can be painful to wear flat shoes because the tendon pulls, causing pain and difficulty walking. If this has happened then we will wear lower heels for a while and, as the tendon gradually lengthens, we can wear flat shoes later on.

Smart Chic Look

If we want to look smart for an interview or for working in an office, then court shoes with a heel are a must. Nothing is better than a good court shoe with a three inch heel for general office wear. They are fantastic in black patent leather. Of course, if you are going for an important meeting, or just want to feel empowered then go for a higher heel. Team it with a pencil skirt and a high neck blouse to show the world you mean business and you are there to get the job done. Women who are looking for this sort of style will want smart jackets, fitted trousers and good quality blouses. So when you are thinking about wholesale shoes you will need to decide what goes with the shoes you want to stock.

Casual About-Town Look

Sometimes we women want to just look smart but casual, perhaps for shopping and a coffee date with our women friends. Pretty shoes are great if this is the case. Any heel height will do, since it is all about comfort but it is important to look attractive and so this is an occasion to wear our favourite shoes. Ballerina flats are appropriate, team them with trousers and semi-fitted shirt. Or how about a knee-length skirt and a cardigan with cute flat shoes? In summer wear medium heeled sandals, cropped trousers and a little t-shirt for a great yummy mummy look. When you go casual, really the variety is endless.

Whichever style of shoes you are considering buying, it is worth thinking about the sort of clothes you stock and the styles that go with them. Check out the fashion blogs to see what women are wearing and the shoes that go with the styles they have, this way you can be sure that your customers are going to like the styles you pick.

Most wholesale clothing producers will be able to advise you regarding the shoes and clothes that go together and it’s always good to discuss the best sellers with the staff on hand. At you will find knowledgeable staff to help you decide.