A Selection Of Outfits That Will Never Go Out Of Fashion

If you are looking to set up a new clothing business and are at the stage where you are deciding what clothes you are and are not going to stock, it may be causing you more headaches than you’d like. It’s understandable, as a lot of the success of your business is obviously dependant on you choosing stock to sell that your customers are going to want to buy.

One way to choose stock, especially if your target audience is women, would be to think about outfits that never go out of fashion. In the following post we have put together a selection of these, and hopefully it will give you some ideas as to what you might stock in your store.

The Simple Top And Full Skirt Look

Full skirts will always be popular, as they are flattering and have a very classic and elegant look that can be worn for virtually any occasion. They can be paired with just about any simple top, for a straight forward outfit that looks good with minimal fuss. Leather jackets, blazers, shirts, button downs, t-shirts and turtle necks will all look great with a full length skirt.

The Classic Little Black Dress/LBD

The little black dress is timeless for a reason. When you find one that fits perfectly and looks sublime, you need to hold onto it. This is another outfit that can be worn and worn again and again. It can be easily adjusted to look different each time by wearing different accessories and footwear.

Jeans and a White Shirt

The jeans with a white shirt is a classic outfit that gives you a wide range of combinations to work with. You can have your favourite pair of jeans with draped peplum top or button-down style top. Finish off the look with the addition of a cute pair of mules and a hot leather jacket. Or you could wear sexy little pumps and a lacy white blouse. It’s all about finding what works for you with this kind of outfit.

Figure Hugging And Flattering Day Dress

Work out the style, print or colour that works best for you and choose one with a length that is work appropriate. Look for something sophisticated, but not anything too dressy, so that it can work with more casual shoes and can easily be worn during daytime and evening time activities.

Tailored Pants/Trousers and Any Top

Regardless of how many different styles and colours of jeans you own, you should still have at least one pair of properly tailored pants/trousers. It is best to aim for finding one that you can easily with a t-shirt and some nice jewellery or with a hot pair of heels and a blouse or jacket, and hey presto you will have an classy outfit you can wear virtually anywhere from drinks with the girls to the office.

Any Bottoms With A Good Blazer

A blazer is something that will never let you down. It will give your jeans a more formal look and will complement any pair of tailored trousers. You can pair it with virtually any pair of trousers or bottoms you have and if you don’t feel like wearing heels, flats will still look great with this outfit.

Jeans and Jumper

This really is a timeless look and it’s one that’s been around for what seems like forever. The main problem you may have with the combination of a knitted top and a pair of jeans, is making it look exciting. You could try though to wear a pair of jeans in your favourite wash or with a higher rise, or a pair that have been distressed. If you get bored with the ‘throw it on and go’ formula, add a nice pair of boots or pumps.

The above are just a selection of the outfits that never go out of fashion, but, hopefully it has given you some ideas for what kind of stock you might want to buy. You can find more ideas for your shop’s inventory at Stylewise UK, a great wholesaler with reasonable prices.