Wholesale Party Dresses UK

What’s not to like about a party? And of course, each party requires a party dress. One of the worst things that can happen at a party is someone turning up in the same frock as yours! Particularly if they are rockin’ it better than you. So, it’s important to make your look as individual as you are.

Just in case the worse happens, it’s a good idea to make sure you are wearing statement jewelry. This will mean that your dress has a different look. The chances of someone wearing the same dress of you are pretty slim, but the chances of them teaming it with the same jewellery are infinitely less.

One way to avoid having someone turn up in the same party dress as you is to customise the dress. This is particularly easy if you are wearing a plain black dress. Add some small gold detail to the area you most want to highlight. Got good legs? Add some gold detailing to the hem. Good bust line? Add some detail to the neckline of the dress. Of course, it needn’t be gold, any colour would work, even black on black. Anything to make it just different enough to avoid that awful “same party dress” incident.

When wearing a party dress it is really important to make sure you check every view before you go out in it. I went to a wedding and the bride had clearly not taken this advice – I know, the bride! – and she had the worst visible pantie line ever! Get an honest friend to make sure that nothing is too see-through, or too short or anything you don’t want to show is showing.

If it is strapless, then remember to jump up and down to make sure you won’t fall out of it. Also check that you can lie down in it – you never know what can happen at a party! If you think there is any chance of you showing more than you wanted, get some “tit-tape”. This way you can tape yourself into your dress and dance the night away with confidence.

If you are a retailer that is looking for wholesale party dresses then take note of the concerns of women who are going to parties. At Christmas season, women go to lots of parties and therefore will need multiple dresses. Of course they don’t want to be seen in the same dress as anyone else, so make sure there are a wide range of accessories for them to choose from. If you sell shoes as well, make sure you have plenty of complimentary styles that go with the dresses you stock.

Wholesale party dresses are a great way to make money during the Christmas season but also don’t forget wedding season where particularly 20-somethings will want dresses that look different at different weddings. Party dresses with jackets can be a favourite and if you get them so they can be mixed and matched during summer this is more likely to be a hit. If you get a good reputation for having party dresses that are easy to wear and you have all the accessories that a woman wants, then you will be making money all year round from it.

So when you go out looking for wholesale party dresses, think about what women want from their dresses. Think about their worries and concerns, and think about styles that can address them. That way you will sell more dresses and you will become everyone’s favourite go to store to buy party dresses. Even if you party dresses are only part of the stock in your store, you will be able to attract more customers paying more for dresses all year round.