Whole Sale Party Tops

People love to celebrate and one way we all love to do so is to party. Of course, every party needs new clothes and one thing people like to do is buy party tops. Women everywhere will look for party tops not just in the Christmas season but all year round. A bit of sparkle is always fun, and since parties go on all year round, it is a good idea to buy wholesale party tops.

The first thing we think of in a party top is sparkle. Some women are happy to wear as much as they can get on a top, but others of us like to be a bit more discreet. Of course, it is important to have a variety of sparkly tops that immediately grab the attention of the buyer.

When you go looking for party tops, keep in mind the fashion colours of the moment. Any colour can be used for a party top but black will always be a favourite. Black tops with any sort of detailing, whether it is same colour beading that just catches the light to full on large diamante, will always be a popular choice for a party top.

Often women want a party top because they don’t feel the occasion warrants a new dress – just buying a party top is a way to get the glamour without spending as much money. Often they are going to be teamed with a plain coloured skirt or trousers, so if you buy party tops with patterns on them it won’t be a problem. No-one wants to wear two patterns together, it never looks good, so feel confident in stocking patterned party tops, knowing women will buy them.

Sleeve detailing is a strong trend at the moment, the so called “cold-shoulder” look is everywhere so take advantage where you see this. Split sleeves are a more enduring look which is similar, but if you are preparing to stock these you can buy better quality garments since split sleeves can be worn many times, but once the wave of “cold shoulder” party tops is over, you won’t be able to sell them.

Party tops can be shimmery, have tassels or be generally a little more over-the-top than run of the mill tops. Women will always want them so they are a useful thing to have in stock. In these economic times though, women want something they can wear again so make sure your more expensive items are the classic lines. Women don’t mind paying more for something they will get more than one use from.

Party tops are also there to make women feel happy, pretty and glamorous. Check out the catwalks and see what women are wearing and then look at the people on the street, and see what they are wearing to clubs and parties. An evening drive in the city centre will show you what you need to know, young women walking about in their evening wear shows what they want to wear for a night out. This will give you ideas when you go to the wholesalers.

Don’t forget to ask your relatives too, particularly the younger ones who will have their finger on the pulse as to what is fashionable or not. Party tops, as with everything else, will have some short term trends which you can ride for a quick profit, as well as long term classics that women will return to again and again.

You know the buying rules, lots of variety, v necks for plus sizes, lots of women want to cover their bottoms so make sure there are some longer line party tops. Just visit your local wholesalers for great ideas on which wholesale party tops are right for your store.