Wholesale Jackets and Cardigans

There is nothing so easy to wear than a good cardigan or jacket. Jackets particularly can lift an outfit from the mundane to the exciting. From casual to smart, a jacket will take an outfit and turn it into something you could wear to a wedding or to the office.
When capsule wardrobes were all the thing, women would have clothes that would have multiple uses and a good jacket in a colour that matches meant that a dress could change from casual to smart in an instant. It still stands that a jacket can do that for an outfit. If you are invited out to a “do” and you don’t know what to wear, a light dress with a jacket thrown over the top means you smarten up quick and that might be the thing you need to fit in!

Of course, jackets needn’t be something to smarten things up. A leather jacket is a statement piece, shouting about independence, motorbikes, rock music and doing your own thing. Warm and comforting a leather jacket will fit to your body over time and come to be a reliable comfortable method of warmth along with stating your feelings about the world at large.

The warmth of a cardigan is something that we all love. Wrapping a beautiful draping cardigan round us against a chilly night is comforting as well as warming. Cardigans come in such varieties; short neat little cardigans that look sweet and dainty, long line cardigans that look elegant for autumn or winter wear. Thick chunky cardigans to really keep you warm against snowy icy weather and delicate shawl like cardigans that come in beautiful colours to highlight hair and eyes.

Edge to edge cardigans are a fabulous way to bring colour to an otherwise drab outfit. Depending on your skin tone of course, you might like to have a few edge to edge cardigans. One in a bold red, perhaps one in navy (if you wear navy, not everyone does) and of course one in black. That way, if you are ever in need of a bit of extra warmth and you want to still look smart then you can throw on an edge to edge cardigan and you will look great.

An elegant look are the very long cardigans that come down to the wearers feet or ankles. One of these cardigans look stunning, especially if you wear it in a glamorous colour like gold. If your skin tones go with autumn colours then these cardigans in gold look amazing.
If you are a retailer and want to cash in on the current trend for cardigans and jackets then you will be in need of a really good range. When women come to you to find their perfect cardigans then you will need to be able to offer them a wide variety of styles and colours. Of course, some women are not into cardigans, which is why it is vital that you have a range of jackets to show them. Women need clothes to keep them warm and to make them look classy. They are going to get them from somewhere and it may as well be from you!
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Any retailer looking to make some extra money this year will be keen to provide women what they want to buy. So get stocking up on the cardigans and jackets women will inevitably need!